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Instant code, text and pdf comparison, right on your Mac

See what's changed between versions of source code, legal documents, articles and more in a simple, elegant interface.

Compatible with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and above.

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See the difference.

Ever had someone edit a document, but you've no idea what they changed? Convinced an article has been updated, but not sure how? Text Compare lets you see exactly what changed, and where.

Dead simple

Simply drag and drop pdf files, or paste in two pieces of text, and Text Compare will compare them and highlight what has been inserted in or deleted from the original text.

How you compare is up to you

Choose whether to compare by paragraph, word or character, depending on your content. Handy line numbers in paragraph view makes diffing structured text, like source code, a cinch.

Your time and attention, respected

Text Compare is a native macOS app that's tiny, fast, and laser-focused. No bloat, no clutter, no annoying badges, notifications or startup items. It gets the job done, then gets out of the way.

Private and secure by design

Text Compare doesn't collect or store any personal data whatsoever, and sandboxing entitlements guarantee that Text Compare can't make or receive network requests, or read files on your Mac.

“I was looking for a simple and good way to compare contract texts. This tool does a great job of that. Enter the current contract version on the left, enter the newly sent contract version on the right and you have the difference. Big thanks to the developer.”

“A very useful tool that I use every couple of days. Also, it has a well thought out UI. Thanks.”

“Well crafted tool for diffing text and code. I prefer to view diffs in a separate window, so it fits well with my workflow. Super fast to launch and you can use it with zero clicks.”

Text Compare - Instantly see the difference between two pieces of text | Product Hunt

Simple no-tricks pricing

No subscriptions, no in-app purchases. Buy the app once, own it forever.

Flat fees. No surprises.

We like to keep things simple. That's why we offer one comprehensive package for a single, one-off purchase.

What's included

  • Instant text and pdf comparison

  • Customisable diff types

  • Download on the Mac App Store

  • Apple Silicon and dark mode compatible

One-off payment

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